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Core Game Mechanics



- Move your character with WASD, The Arrow Keys, or an explored tile with the mouse.

- Use the + and - keys or mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

- Press the "0" key to reset zoom.


- You can perform melee attacks by pressing spacebar while next to an enemy, using the contextual button on the right side of the screen, or by using WASD or the directions to move in the direction of the enemy.

- If you have a ranged weapon [RNG] equipped, you can activate it by pressing the button the the weapon icon also to the right of the screen.

- After clicking the RNG attack button, you can click on an enemy you can see in the world to initiate the attack.

- You can cancel a RNG attack by pressing the X button, also to the right of the screen.

Picking Items Up:

- When standing on or next to a tile, you can interact with the object by pressing Space Bar, or selecting the contextual button on the right side of the screen.


- You can open and close your inventory by clicking the suitcase icon or pressing 'i'. While inside, you can click on items to see their unique contextual actions. Be sure to "Look At" items you pick up and experiment to discover their uses.

Class Mechanics


- The three CLASSES have extremely different play styles, so it's important to understand how they work in order to get the most out of your play experience.

- STREET SAMURAI is a face rolling warrior, with the highest health, base damage, a small but helpful health regeneration, and the ability to perform counter attacks that ignore defense for dealing with large mobs of enemies. This is a great character for your first attempt to reach the MAINFRAME.

- HACKER is a more challenging experience. They have much less health, defense, and attack, but they have the ability to engage active camo steath by pressing SPACE BAR. You cannot use stealth if you are next to any enemy or electronic device, but your stealth will not be interrupted if it was already active. Not all enemies are fooled, however.

- SCIENTIST is the most challenging class, paper thin defenses and initially no way to deal direct damage. Instead, scientists rely on SOP13 an invincible security dog droid to protect them, while looking for ranged weapons to pick away at enemies from afar.

Advanced Game Mechanics



- Weapons do more than just deal damage. Look for weapons that offer a STUN% to freeze your enemies, BLEED effects to cause damage over time to biological enemies, or MALFUNCTION to disrupt electronic ones. Also, depending on your class some weapons may impart additional benefits, either because of your class or because of your opponent. Experiment with different items to find the right combo.


- Hacking is used to unlock chests, and MIND HACK robotic enemies. The hacking interface is a series of nodes, you are represented by a green starting node, and the mainframe is shown as a red face node.

- The objective is to locate a hidden data cache, which is one of the white face nodes with glasses. You must hack the node to determine if it has the data you are looking for.

- While hacking, if the MAINFRAME becomes aware of your existence, she will begin spreading out across the nodes. If she reaches your original starting node, you are forcibly ejected and delt substantial damage.

- You can, without penalty, press the small "X" button in the upper right to eject yourself from the session at any time. You can retry a hack you've been ejected from, forcibly or otherwise, but be warned: it can kill you.

- To assist you in hacking you can equip a COMPUTER RIG, which allows you anywhere from 2 to 4 hacking PROGRAM. You find PROGRAMS in the world like other items, so keep an eye out!

- PROGRAMS can be used in hacking sessions and have varied effects. Experiment to find the right combination for your play style.

- If you successfully hack a computerized safe, you will be awarded with an extremely powerful EPIC item which can only be found by hacking these safes.

- In order to MIND HACK you need to have a COMPUTER RIG equipped, and be standing adjacent to a robotic enemy. Click the contextual "MIND HACK" button that appears on the right of the screen to initiate a hacking session.

- If you successfully mind hack an enemy, it will beomce you ally, fighting your enemies for you until you leave the level.



- You can zoom in and out, make sure you keep your bearings.

- Hacking isn't just for hackers! Computerized safes are the only place to get EPIC level items, which everyone could use in their fight against MAINFRAME.

- Don't be afraid to pull the plug on a hack that isn't going your way, retrying is better than getting dead.

- You don't need to clear the dungeon of enemies. If you can put a few doors between you and your enemies, you should.

- When an enemy loses sight of you, they will attempt to track you. KEEP RUNNING, when they lose line of sight, it buys you a few turns to get a lead.

- Use the hackers stealth ability to pop through doors and back to scout the situation.

- Keep SOP13 between you and your enemies, invest in RNG weapons for the scientist, in a melee he's less than useless.

- The random nature means each play experience can vary wildly so keep trying! You'll get it!

- Some enemies should just be evaded at all costs. I'm looking at you, Grey Goo.

- The final battle will involve some fighting, for all classes. Be prepared!

- Don't take all items at face value. There are hidden benefits to many items that appear otherwise uselss, some may only work with different enemies, enemy types, or classes. So experiment often!

There are 4 Unique endings, beat the game with each class to see them all!